Life coaching is a powerful way to help you understand and let go of the limiting beliefs, unrealistic expectations and old habits that you've held on to for much of your life. Those things that have been standing in the way of you experiencing true happiness and fulfilment, and that have been preventing you from stepping into the unique beauty of who you really are. 


Through life coaching, you'll discover that YOU HAVE THE POWER to initiate positive change in your life, and transform yourself into the next best version of you. To create and realize your BIGGEST DREAMS, and unlock your fullest potential; to truly be the master of your own destiny and STEP into THE MOST AMAZING LIFE POSSIBLE.  


I would be grateful to be your guide through this process - please contact me to discuss how you can start experiencing more joy & positivity and stepping into your most authentic life.




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No two paths are ever the same - and each of us is as unique as the journey we're on. For that reason, I offer a few coaching pathways for you to choose from. Regardless of the duration, each offering is individually designed for the woman who's READY to take that first step in CREATING the LIFE that she’s always DREAMED about. Who’s ready to EXPERIENCE life AUTHENTICALLY; who wants to LET GO of limiting beliefs, and has an innate desire to GROW and ALIGN with her Higher Self. To unapologetically step into her GREATNESS and create the life she truly desires. 

The Five Week Pathway

Often times, we get stuck on something; some “story” that we follow and just can’t shake; some limiting belief that we just haven’t been able to let go of, or a particular situation that we continue to struggle with, that’s holding us back from something we’ve always dreamed of. It’s for this reason that I’ve created a Five Week Pathway. Sometimes all we need is a little help or a little guidance, to be able to lean into that “one thing", in order redesign some aspect of our life.

The Eight Week Pathway

Building upon the objectives of the Five Week Pathway, the Eight Week Pathway makes room for some additional coaching; as well as an opportunity to use some of the tools that are used as part of the Mind Rebel™️ Method to help you realign and reset your emotions. 

The Sixteen Week - Mind Rebel™️ Method

The Mind Rebel™️ Method is a holistic discovery model that gives you the constructs and tools to become the Master of your Mind. As part of a sixteen week, transformative change program, we will explore fundamental questions like "Who are you and what is your purpose?”. You will learn self-empowerment tools so that you can create space and loving boundaries between yourself and others. You will uncover the limiting beliefs or thought patterns that have been holding you back from fully stepping into the life you’ve always dreamed. If you're ready for a truly life changing experience, the Mind Rebel™️ Method is something you should seriously consider

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