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What is the definition of acceptance?

Today, for me, it means to surrender - fully and completely.

It means trusting that some things are simply out of our control and that although it may not be apparent, it's part of a greater plan. It’s trusting that whatever the plan, it is brought into our experience for a reason.

Acceptance is having something presented to us as a curse, but choosing to see it as a gift.

Acceptance is letting go of anger; it’s letting go of judgement and resentment - it is choosing love in the face of fear and uncertainty. It's not a sign of defeat, but rather a sign of love.

It means that there are things that we cannot change, no matter how much we wish we could. It means that we trust, with every ounce of our being that things will get better and that we have a lifetime of love to fill us up.

Acceptance may require us to let go. Sometimes requiring us to let go of those that we love, in order for them to travel the path they're destined to travel. It means that sometimes there are journeys, that we simply need to take on our own - however, trust that we will still be supported by love along the way. It’s trusting that our hearts and souls will always know and find one another.

Acceptance is forgiveness in action. It's a weight that's lifted off of our heart - it's a beautiful surrender to what is. It's an openness that helps us to be rooted in the present and be grateful for every moment that we're able to spend in this place.

Acceptance is trusting in the fact that we will always be held and kept safe, no matter what we have to face.

Acceptance is trusting that there's a higher power, by which we're all divinely guided - and that by trusting in this divine power, we are in fact trusting in love.

Today I choose to be acceptant - today I choose to trust. Today I choose to surrender and see through clear eyes, the things that I don’t have the power to change.

Today I choose love over fear and I choose to make this a beautiful day.

With love,



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