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Sacred Connection

Connection is so important. 

Connection to self; connection to spirit; connection to others; connection to nature. Feeling connected is the one thing that as humans, we need in our life. When we aren’t connecting, we're missing out on such a huge part of simply BEING.  Our ability to connect with oneself is the KEY to being able to have healthy connections with others.  Knowing yourself intimately, being happy with who you are - exactly as you are, valuing yourself enough and knowing what you will accept and won’t accept, knowing definitively what’s important to you; trusting that alone, you can achieve anything. Being in tune with your emotions and knowing what it is that they're trying to convey to you. Trusting in and being open to your inner wisdom - to your truth; and believing that you have everything you need within you to be happy. Knowing what it is that you want to be able to experience in life, and trusting that you are capable of living those experiences - exactly as you've dreamed.  Sometimes making that intimate connection with oneself can be hard. Often times we simply exist being completely disconnected from who we are, depending on others and on our experiences to bring us happiness. Being disconnected from ourself is what keeps us constantly searching for more. The ability to have healthy connections outside of ourself, requires us to dig deep. It requires us to examine ourself; it requires us to acknowledge that little voice in our head that constantly tries to bring us down and to understand what’s prompting her fear - it requires us to trust that it’s safe to let that fear go. Giving permission to hold ourself whole - knowing that we are capable. It requires us to be brave and to forgive ourself. It requires us to commit and to put ourself first - it requires us to LOVE ourself.  When we love ourself, we're able to wholeheartedly open up and connect with others in a healthy way. No longer are the connections we seek the sole requirement for our happiness. Those connections are now a compliment to the happiness that already exists within us. 

I invite you to cultivate the most important connection that you have - to take time to connect with the most beautiful person in your life today. To take time to simply be with and appreciate YOU.

With love,

Kelly xo


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