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What do you believe?

Living our life rooted in a belief system anchored in fear can be paralyzing.

Feeling that we aren’t good enough; that we’re not smart enough or capable enough, that we won’t be loved or are unworthy of love, or living in a state of constant worry, fearing that we're going to fail – or fearing that we’re disappointing someone. These are all reasons why we’re unable to live our best life.

These limiting thoughts and beliefs are created by our unhealthy mind – and are designed to keep us safe from the big scary world of the unknown. The world where we seemingly have no control and in order to survive, we’re required to simply trust and surrender - and this is way more than our unhealthy mind is able to comprehend. Shifting our perspective and letting go of these beliefs can be difficult because sometimes they’re all we’ve known. The mask of fear that we’ve been wearing for so long, is inevitably the face of who we’ve become and sadly, this version of us is not an accurate representation of who we are when we’re standing in our truth and living authentically.

Giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable; digging deep to find the courage that we all have inside of us and stepping outside of our comfort zone, are all scary thoughts. However, once we make that choice, that feeling of fear transforms into a feeling of exhilaration – a feeling of power and hopefulness. By taking a step back and removing ourselves from the story that our unhealthy mind has created for us, we’re able to see our limiting beliefs for what they are. We see past the beliefs that have been masking our truth for so long. When we do this, we’re reducing the power that the belief holds over us and we realize that we’re able to take control of our happiness and our life.

This realization allows us to start shifting these limiting beliefs from something negative, to something positive. We are essentially, moving from a belief system rooted in fear to one that is rooted in love. We know that the way we’ve been living is not our truth. We know that if we continue to live in the box that our unhealthy mind has created, we will forever be standing in our own way of living this amazingly beautiful life that we deserve.

True empowerment comes when we realize that we have everything we need to separate the truth from the story that’s been created. When we do this, we're opening up to the wisdom of our soul. Our ability to master the art of observing our mind and seeing our thoughts for what they are, takes a lot of practice. And when we get really good at this, we’re able to simply watch them - like a short movie clip, rather than getting caught up in the story that they’re creating. Once we’ve achieved this, we’re truly open to seeing all of the possibilities that this life has in store for us.

This journey that we’re on is one of ebbs and flows, there are days when we will feel like we’re drowning and there are days when we’ll be rising above everything, and simply riding the wave. Either way, the only way to experience the journey is to jump in and get wet.

So today, I invite you to shed your mask and get out of your box – take that first step out onto the diving board, inhale deeply and go!

It may be the scariest thing that you’ve ever done, but living anything less than your best life is even scarier.

With love,

Kelly xo


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